About Us


Founders, Michael and Dennis, live in Texas and if you have ever experienced Texas in the summer than you understand Texas heat. It gets hot and stays hot for long periods of time. It’s often “summer” from March until October. One of the biggest struggles is keeping beverages cold, especially beer and especially when outdoors. They were at a birthday party when they met, it was August and 105 degrees outside. Keeping beer cold was a struggle and Dennis had a homemade contraption he was drinking his beer from. They started talking and found a similar interest, drinking cold beer and both agreed that the average foam huggie just didn’t work in Texas! A partnership was formed and they went to work to make a container that keeps bottled beer ridiculously cold. Along came the Bottle Koolzie, not only does the Bottle Koolzie keep your bottled beer ridiculously cold, it protects it from breaking if it falls over and it doesn’t sweat or leave condensation! It fits most bottled beers from traditional domestic beers to IPAs. Michael uses his Bottle Koolzie by the pool, on the boat, hunting with his lab Hank, on the golf course and around his garden. Dennis likes to grab a cold one and keep it in the Bottle Koolzie on the golf course, sitting on his porch and hanging out with his friends and family.